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Never Give up Radio is a platform focused on kicking the stigma that currently surrounds mental health. Through sharing stories of hope and resilience, and from hosting athletes, doctors, veterans and a wide array of other guests who provide years of experience and personal insight into the mental health field, it is our hope that we can supply people with the education and tools necessary in order to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Our goal is to make this topic easier to talk about with family and friends. To normalize this discussion does not lessen the gravity of its importance, rather it makes people more aware and more willing to reach out, help, and most importantly, to understand each other. Let’s get to work!

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Sunday Apr 04, 2021

Ashley Fletcher joins NGU Radio on air to talk about the passing of her younger sister Alexis after she had lost her battle with depression. Ashley not only tells the heart wrenching story of Alexis's struggle, but talks about the entire journey, grief, and what their family has been doing since to help create a better conversation on Mental Health. Thanks for jumping on Air, Ashley!

Sunday Apr 04, 2021

Tyler Kennedy stops in to chat with NGU Radio to shed light on the struggles he suffered from his entire career. Tune in to listen to TK talk about what things are like growing up in the hockey world, and how difficult the NHL career path truly is when it comes to Mental Health.  Appreciate you taking the time to hop on air TK!

Sunday Apr 04, 2021

Host Liam Cavanagh has his parents join the show to touch on their point of view as parents with a child suffering from different struggles with mental health. Ian & Diane touch on several key points and have great advice for others who are going through similar situations. Thanks for coming on air guys!

Tuesday Apr 07, 2020

Former NCAA Division I athlete Taylor Crosby stops into the studio to talk about her own mental difficulties through her collegiate career. As a goaltender, Taylor offers a very unique vision of the position and how it has effected not only her playing career but her path to her future with her current job with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Thanks for dropping in Taylor!

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